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Angie is a highly advanced mobile robot for safe and efficient work at height. We protect and maintain critical infrastructure by delivering high-quality, cost-effective and time-efficient robotic inspection and maintenance solutions. Our powerful mobile robotics platform is supported by a strong ecosystem of applications delivered via our own and third-party capabilities.

Voice User Interface

Enable natural and fluid conversations with the end-users. Give instructions or enhance customer experience.

Robotics vision

Identify the surrounding environment and use data for inspection, navigation, security or any other use.

Autonomous mobility

Achieve a uniform movement and avoid static or dynamic objects with integrated depth cameras and IMU.

Reduce hardware costs

Single Platform for many robots

Easy Solution for Any Mobile Robot Application

With Angie's modular design, the robot core can be kept while changing robot applications. Eg. Just add disinfection lamps or delivery module for many applications.

Keep software updated for remote robot control using VR

How it works?


Ubuntu based OS runs on powerful Nvidia Xavier AGX to manage complex tasks and AI.


Enhanced robotics vision power by Intel Realsense depth cameras and IMU.


Enable integrations, Voice User Interface and much more with Google Cloud integrations.
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