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Drive future's change using big data

Save the planet with Energy Management

Revolutionising utility efficiency through data driven insights

Help feed the world with Smart Farming

Grow better food by understating the data collected

Low Cost, Low Power Devices

The device's battery can last >10 years, maintenance free.

Embedded Security

With ECC + AES128, device keys are protected against hackers.

Web Dashboard for all Devices

A single platform, use Sara Energy to monitor devices.
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We love to solve real-world problems. Our goal is to build sustainable cities and factories in order to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing technology for energy management.
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Smart City

Our goal is to help you build the sustainable cities of the future

Smart Industry

We help you to improve efficiency for smarter production

Smart Utilities

Reduce carbon footprint by smarter energy management

Smart Agriculture

Grow better food and reduce waste with our IoT solutions

Sara Energy

A simple and powerful web platform for all your IoT devices

Robotics and AI

Get manual and risky stuff done with robots

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IT Technology

Improve and Innovate with Tech Trends

Robotics and AI

Assembly and design of autonomous mobile assistant robots with AI for consumers and industry.

Augmented Reality

Improve your Smart Factory with our AR app to prevent machine failures. (Coming soon)
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